About Us / Our Story

We’re a group of ordinary people with an extraordinary vision -- to provide life-saving and disease-preventing safe water to thousands who have no such option.
Our roots go back to the mid-sixties when Don Arnold started his career as a marketing manager and product designer in the plumbing industry.  The years that followed saw achievements that included several dozen patents, and recognition for his product expertise in that field.  Fast forward to 2007: on a visit to East Africa, Don is appalled to see thirsty people gathered at a river to fill containers with filthy brown water for drinking and cooking. That scene triggered a progression of steps that led to the launch of his first safe water initiative, Safe Water Kenya, based in a rural region in the far western part that country. 

Highly successful in providing safe water to thousands there through the deployment of biosand filters, Don’s attention next turned to the often overlooked slums of Nairobi.  Densely populated by 2.5 million impoverished residents, the greatest need there is the same as anywhere – safe water.  Repeatedly, he came to the Mukuru slum, promising to one day focus his efforts there, and finally it happened in the Fall of 2017, when Drops of Mercy was launched.  It is our vision that this initial application of the strategy in the Mukuru slum of Nairobi can be spread for deployment in many other large third-world cities.